Baby Clay Prints

Want to treasure your little one’s tiny hand and foot prints for years to come? Well at Get Fired you can do just that with our beautiful clay prints.

Our clay prints take around 20 minutes to do and then around 6-8 weeks before collection and are a truly lovely keepsake. Minimum age for these are around 4 weeks. We will make a decision upon seeing little one. 

Basic Pricing including painted name and age:
Double Imprint of either two hands, two feet or one of each - £40

Additional Options:
Clear Glazing -  £5
Colour Wash -  £5
(colouring can any colour to match your décor!)
Handmade Frame -   £30 to fit one set of Double Hand prints. We may be able to get frames for 2 sets of double hand prints - please ask us when you come in. These are available in natural, dark brown, black or white-washed wood


 Basic Double Imprint £40Basic Clay Imprints at Get Fired





Clear Glazed or Colour washed £45Clay Imprint Glazed Get Fired





Colour washed and Glazed £50Clay Prints at Get Fired





Basic Imprint in Natural Wood frameImprints in Frame